Monday, January 28, 2013

Jeremy's 1st day of school!

Today was Jeremy's first day of school. We dropped Ian off at school earlier than we usually do so that we could get Jeremy to school in Manteca by 8am. I was ever so happy to have Hal with me to do this because he hasn't had the opportunity to get that involved with all that has been happening with Jeremy.

When we walked in to the classroom his teacher took him directly to his strip of cards and picked up the first blue card and walked him over to the play area where he was helped to place the card with velcro on the back to another blue strip. This will be the routine every day. Whenever there is something new to do they will direct him back to his own strip where they will take a card and bring it to where he goes next. He barely noticed us leaving and did not cry at all. Although I almost cried, and probably will, eventually. While I'm excited about the extra time I have to myself 3 mornings a week, I am going to miss my Jer Bear when Hal isn't here. My babies are not really babies anymore. Ian is going to start Kindergarten this year and will turn 5 in July!!

Because of this easy transition, we decided that tomorrow he would ride the bus to school and back home. The bus will come through the gate out on the street and greet us at our door, put the car seat on the bus then strap him in and leave and do the same when he comes home. We have to be ready at 6:45am for pick-up. After he's picked up on MWFs I will then drop Ian off at school. For the first time since before Jeremy was born, Ian and I will have time together in the morning to do the things we don't often have an opportunity to do with Jeremy (Zoo, McDonald's play place, bike rides, going to lunch). Jer and I will still have our own time as well which is awesome. All of these new beginnings and changes are good and long over-due. Especially the time I will get with just Hal on the one day a week he will have off where both boys are at school (until summer time for Jeremy)

Jeremy is still improving every day, and still amazes us with his smiles and laughter.

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