Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jan 23-Update

Yesterday we received a call from the school Jeremy will start attending next week, McFall. He is all set to start school next Monday. I will drive him to school and pick him up for the first day to see how he does. On Tuesday he will be picked up by a bus that will transport him to school and back home. He will sit in his car seat on the bus. He tends to go with the flow, which is a great quality for a child with autism, so we aren't too worried about how he will do with it. He has been on a bus with us before and enjoyed it. He tends to enjoy his car rides anyway. It will just be a matter of adjustment to not having us around, which, at some point is something that he has to be okay with. I think he is ready!

Today we have an appointment with the Autism Department of Kaiser in Rancho Cordova. Just Jeremy and I. Not sure what will come of the appointment. If it begins additional services then I'm ready for it. I have all the paperwork I was sent filled out and all the assessments and evaluations that have been conducted over the last few months all ready to go.

Over the last few weeks since Therapy ended, Jeremy's vocabulary has grown so much! There has been so many more words, much more eye contact, less tantrums, more cooperation and lots more playing and laughs!

Now off to get ready for the appointment!

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