Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jeremy is emerging!

Jeremy is almost a different kid. It's amazing. Words are just flying out of his mouth all day, he makes more and more eye contact and he's engaged more. It's amazing! I knew my little blue-eyed boy was in there somewhere!

The school he will start attending in about a week or so is a special education school, mostly for children with Autism. He will start out in a 1:1 setting with an instructional aide in a classroom. The school is located in Manteca, where Hal and I lived 6 or so years ago. It's about 20-30 minutes south of us. He will eventually be transported there by bus, in his car seat. He will attend everyday of the week between the hours of 8am and 12 pm. In 2 months they will review his goals and see if he is capable of 2 additional hours a day, totalling 30 hrs a week! It will be totally new for him but I know he'll love it and do great!!
This is the outcome of the IEP meeting last Thursday. Because Linden's school district is so small, they have to send the special needs students to a school that is ran by the County. He will stay here until he is ready to be mainstreamed or sent to a special day class.
We are nervous and excited for him but we know this is the best right now. We may also receive further services through the regional center as well as through Kaiser since medical insurance can now start covering these types of services. We have an appointment with Kaiser on Jan 22 in Rancho Cordova with their Autism Spectrum Department.
Great things are happening and we are all excited and proud of our little guy. And Ian too! He'll start Kindergarten in August!! My babies are growing up.


  1. I can hardly wait to find out the type of man my little boy will turn out to be. I'm so grateful for him.