Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quick update

-Jer is having a blast in school. Today, however, he had a rough time for about an hour. I got a call from the school at 9am.  His teacher said he wasn't wanting to do any of his normal stuff and was trying to leave with his back pack (cute!) The teacher gave him 20 more minutes to calm down, which he did.  When he came home he had a nice nap on the couch.
-Yesterday I had to vacuum the living room really quick. I usually wait until Jer is at school to vacuum but HAD to right then (long story involving poop). He usually starts freaking out, crys and runs around, almost a full meltdown. Well yesterday all he did was stare at it, run around and then go try to seenit after I put it away! Like Hal said...that's progress!
-One more quick thing: services for Jer (Occupational and speech therapy) are going to start in a few weeks. We have an intial evaluation on Feb 28th. We are very happy this is all coming together. And it's all being paid for by this wonderful state we live in :-)

Till next time!

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