Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some amazing happenings!!!

Just real quick because I'm entranced by the 121212 concert-benefit for Hurricane Sandy, but Jeremy made a few VERY big steps today.

He requested a show on DVD, VERBALLY. This is very big. And quite amazing.

He had a poopy diaper that he DIDN'T play with. I'm not sure if he came into the living room to tell me or to bring me somewhere but there was no poop on his hands! These "poopy" incidents are occurring less and less and that makes me ECSTATIC!

The most recent step, just about 30 min ago, our Jer Bear had his teeth brushed without any fussing, crying, kicking or screaming. It was amazing. I couldn't stop praising him.

These little steps every day make all of the work the therapists and us do every day so worth it. I was starting to think that he would never develop these skills. So so so so awesome!!! Yay Jeremy!

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